The Nest In the Stream – 2018


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Mortally Wounded: Stories of Soul Pain, Death, and Healing – 1996 (Marino Books), 2007 (Spring Journal Books)

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Currently in print with Spring Journal Books, this book addresses the nature of existential distress or “soul pain” and healing at the end of life.  It offers a theory and technique of inner care based on mythological and psychological models that can complement the physical or outer care of the patient. 

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A Place of Healing: Working with Nature and Soul at The End of Life – 2000

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Originally published by University Press, Oxford (2000), and currently in print with Spring Journal Books (2009).  This book explores the mythology and rites of Asklepian healing and examines the contemporary relevance of these ideas in terms of healthcare and education.  It offers a new model of healing drawing on the best of ancient and modern medicine.

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