The Nest in the Stream

In the summer of 2009, while wandering in the foothills of Santa Barbara, California, I came across an extraordinary sight: a large bird’s nest in a stream.  This has become a profound and ongoing teaching for me and was the inspiration for my writing a book of the same title.  Here is a short movie clip I took at the time:



7 Stories of nature connection

At the heart of my book are stories of nature connection.  The 7 images in the slideshow below accompany these 7 stories.


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A Year’s Turning: Walking in Beauty

The images in the collage that follows are photos I took with my iPhone as I walked the land behind our home in Santa Barbara.  I walked this land each morning and each evening with our dogs.  While the images are square and the collage is a rectangle, the movement here is circular, from dawn to dusk, and from year’s beginning to year’s end.


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